Aasimar Cleric of Torm (retired from adventuring)


Tall and blonde, Ariel has presence in any setting. She addresses injustice when she sees it, even within her own group or party.


Ariel was born with a celestial protector named Tadriel. He sends her visions and dreams to help guide her. She found the Church of Torm to fit most closely with her values, and became an acolyte at the shrine to Torm in Caer-Konig – one of the communities in Ten Towns in Icewind Dale. She is also a member of the Order of the Gauntlet, who also meet her needs to be actively working against evil.

Ariel had a dream about the comet striking the Luna Valley and that it was the first part in something horrible happening to the area, and maybe the world. When the opportunity to escort a cartload of emergency relief supplies to Tomar’s Crossing came along, Ariel saw it as a sign and volunteered immediately.

After some time adventuring, Ariel decided to help the people of Tomar’s Crossing more directly, and lives at the Temple of Life, helping with healing and other types of beneficial spellcasting for the people and refugees at the village.


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