The Demonplague

A Change of Plan

Information changes everything..

27th Day of Uktar – 11th month of the year

The next day was freezing. Snow was still on the ground and a strong, cold wind blew from the northern mountains and the coast.

In the biggest guest room at the inn the party all congregated to meet to support Zhang Thai Shi in casting legend lore and contact other plane spells. The purpose was to get as much information as possible. The half-orc necromancer had gathered the components needed to be able to cast legend lore a couple of times.

The spells were successful – in that they got information and Zhang Thai Shi did not go mad, which was always a possibility with the contact other plane spell. With the information they had they decided to cast legend lore again the next day.

chosen_valok.jpgAs they mulled over the information, they were interrupted by the alarm. Ellinda went to check and saw rather than just zombies this time the village was being attacked by two valok and an assortment of plague zombies. One valok was huge with tentacles sprouting from one side of its body. The party went to help defend the town. It was a tough battle but the party prevailed against the two valok and some of the tougher zombies, while the militia and watch took care of the other zombies.

28th Day of Uktar

The next day was a little warmer, the wind had died down somewhat. The snow had started to melt in places, creating slush or icy patches that were slippery. The party reflected on their experiences. Ellinda thought she could have a go at trying out some higher level spells, and her first experiment was casing greater restoration on Bazil. Bazil was cured of his insanity and was very grateful. He set about tidying and fixing up his shop which had become a disorganised mess.

Zhang Thai Shi cast legend lore again to build on the information they had acquired the day before. The sum of total information they had was as follows:

Xancrown was a greater plague demon who destroyed the world of the Duladarin star elves. They fled to Toril (this world) but Xancrown found them and resumed his destruction of the civilisation they had created here in the Luna Valley. The elves created a ritual that imprisoned Xancrown which limited but did not stop his ability to inflict demonplague. Over the centuries three more civilisations arose in the Luna Valley, and each was destroyed by Xancrown’s demonplague.

  • Xancrown’s prison was located under a hill.
  • The Al Nasar dwarves built a city called Maragath’s Prize over the top of Xancrown’s prison. As they dug deeper they discovered the prison and tried to enter. It is unclear whether they succeeded or not, but did succeed in waking Xancrown who used the demonplague to decimate the Al Nasar civilisation. Luckily they did not free Xancrown.
  • The Yugtug orcs created their civilisation with influence from explorers from Kara-Tur. In time they discovered the ruins of Maragath’s Prize and then Xancrown’s prison. The result was the same.
  • The Raceon Enclave was a human civilsation part of the Netheril Empire. It too, discovered Maragath’s Prize and woke Xancrown. In the last days of the Raceon Enclave, the Minas Herath druids discovered and performed the Duladarin star elf ritual but modified it to create a massive glacier that covered all of the Luna Valley.
  • The glacier took over a millennia to withdraw from the valley, at which time humans once again started creating communities in the valley. Recently a comet struck the glacier far to the east, and the resulting flood from melted ice washed through the valley creating devastation, but also created earth tremors. Xancrown has been stirring ever since, and starting to send the demonplague amongst the races and animals once again.
  • Maragath’s Prize is mostly underground, but some of it is on top of the hill, a place for the dwarves who built it to interact with the world. It is not far from Tomar’s Crossing – the party have been there before and met ogres in the temple.

The party decided they would not go to Safeharbour to clear out the Temple of Oghma, and they broke the news to Bryan the young priest who was disappointed, but determined to fulfill his mission. He decided he would approach The Sharp Blades.

The party had a discussion about whether they were ready. They talked to the faction heads who said the people who had volunteered to perform the ritual and be raised afterwards were already on their way, some were here already. Zhang Thai Shi had to leave her pseudo dragon behind as she was part of the ritual.

The party decided they needed to go now before the demonplague got a real foothold in the valley. They made ready to leave the next day.


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